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US Q4 2023 Transportation Labor Market Update: Delivery Roles Holding Up Better Than Warehousing

  • While job postings in all segments of the Transportation vertical have fallen over the past year, some have held up better than others.

US Q4 2023 Retail Labor Market Update: Hospitality & Tourism Jobs Declining More Quickly Amid Gradual Cooldown

  • Most segments of the Retail sector are trending largely in line with the overall labor market slowdown — down over the year, but still comfortably above pre-pandemic levels — with one notable exception.

US Q4 2023 Healthcare Labor Market Update: Largely Holding Up Better Than the Market Overall

  • Job postings are declining in most categories in the Healthcare vertical, with a few exceptions.

US Q4 2023 Business-to-Business Labor Market Update: A Widespread Slowdown

  • Job postings in all B2B-related segments have declined, with Software Development postings down 44.5% year-over-year.