UK’s burgeoning technology sector propped up by highly-skilled foreign jobseekers

UK Employment Figures, November 2018: Pay Growth Accelerates as Unfilled Vacancies Hit a New High


Employment ticks up to a record high despite a fall in the number of EU workers

UK Employment Figures, October 2018: From Job Growth to Pay Growth


Britain’s labour market is slowly pivoting from job growth to pay growth.

There’s No Place Like Home: European Jobseekers Turn Their Backs on Brexit Britain


Online job search patterns show a sustained drop in EU jobseeker interest in British jobs, particularly in construction and healthcare.

UK Employment Figures, September 2018: Wages the Silver Lining as Employment Growth Slows


Employment flatlines amid early signs of improvements in pay.

UK Employment Figures, August 2018: How Low Can It Go? Britain’s Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.0%


UK unemployment rate drops and employment stays high, but real wage gains remain elusive.

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