Despite continued uncertainty surrounding Australian energy policy, green job postings in Australia continued to track well ahead of other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom

In Australia, Data Scientists Are a Hot Commodity


Job postings for data scientists have surged in recent years. Search activity has also jumped, though to a lesser degree. Will Australian businesses struggle to fill data jobs?

Is This It for Australian Journalism?


While employment in journalism has been relatively steady, a scarcity of new jobs is making it difficult for journalists across the country, particularly those seeking new opportunities.

For Younger Workers, Part-Time Work Is a Full-time Problem


Australian workers are increasingly employed on a part-time basis. Over the past decade, half of all new jobs have been part-time. While some workers prefer part-time work, the increase overwhelmingly reflects weak economic conditions. Younger Australians have been affected most.

When Is the Best Time to Apply for a Graduate Job?


Graduate job opportunities rose slightly in 2018, consolidating the massive gains in 2017

Improving Labour Market Is a Full-Time Job for Australia


The Australian labour market continued its gradual improvement throughout 2018, underpinned by strong growth in full-time jobs and greater opportunity for younger workers. But falling property prices and an uncertain trade outlook threaten to slow growth in 2019.

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