The ability to work from home has never been more desirable. Australian job seekers are responding to an unprecedented change in economic circumstances.

Retail and Hospitality Have Underperformed Since Cutting Penalty Rates


Cuts to Australian penalty rates have put pressure on lower-income workers across the country. For two years, the promise of more jobs and hours went unfulfilled, probably due to tough economic conditions. Now that is starting to change.

Fire-Related Job Searches Surge as Australia Burns


As devastating bushfires rage across the country, Australians have responded as they always do in crisis: by banding together and doing what they can to help. Many want to be on the frontline, with job search for firefighter roles reaching a record high.

Australia Faces New Challenges as Labour Market Softens


Australia enters 2020 facing a number of labour market challenges. Slowing employment growth, rising unemployment, and low wage growth will be three of the main issues dominating economic discussion.

Christmas Won’t Come Early for Aussie Job Seekers


Normally a time for joy, Christmas may provide little but despair for thousands of Aussie job seekers. Despite strong interest, job opportunities are well down in the past two years.

The Search for Australia’s Next Master Chef


Australia’s love affair with high-quality food has fueled huge demand for skilled chefs able to deliver the kinds of meals so often seen on Australian television.

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