Since May 2015, the share of job postings offering the benefit has nearly tripled on Indeed.

Job openings growth has slowed

State of the Labor Market

May 2019 Jobs Report: One of the Weakest in This Recovery


The US economy added 75,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate was steady at 3.6%.

State of the Labor Market

What Happens When the Good Times End?


Today unemployment is lower, wage growth is higher, and job growth is just about as strong as a year ago. So why have recession fears increased?

Occupation Spotlight

Global Interest in US Tech Jobs Holds Steady


But interest has declined from India, the largest source of foreign clicks on US tech listings

Jobs Day Preview: Does Weakness in the Goods Sector Spell Trouble for the Economy?


Job growth in industries like manufacturing is slowing, but service industries are still going strong.

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