2018 has been a banner year for the job market. A big question for 2019 is whether this long recovery will end during the year. The more important question is whether the end—whenever it comes—will be graceful or ugly.

Occupation Spotlight

The Hottest Skills in Tech Job Searches


Among the top skills are Kubernetes, Magento, and Verilog, while some programming languages like Golang, C, and PHP also made the list.

Regional, State of the Labor Market

What Drives Local Economic Confidence


Partisanship plays only a supporting role in local economic confidence. Both Republicans and Democrats tend to rate economic conditions higher in blue metros than in red metros.

Occupation Spotlight, State of the Labor Market

Tariffs: Growth for Dairy Jobs May Have Soured, but Still Flows for Bourbon Jobs


Trade wars seem to be hurting the dairy industry, but tariffs haven’t yet made an impact on the overall labor market.

State of the Labor Market

September 2018 JOLTS Report: JOLTS Continues to Show a Strengthening Labor Market


Demand for workers is strong and has reached levels where workers are feeling more empowered.

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