Both sectors hit by COVID-19.

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Indeed report 'Targeting Today’s Job Seeker' provides insight for both employers and job seekers.

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Retail Jobs Decline Hits Rural America Hardest


Rural areas are getting hit hardest by a decline in retail jobs, even as ecommerce and warehousing jobs are growing, according to new Indeed research.

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Interest in Warehousing Jobs Growing Quickly

The growth in ecommerce has been a boon for warehousing jobs. Over the past year, employment in these facilities has grown at double the pace of average US job growth and doesn’t show any signs of letting up.

State of the Labor Market

November Jobs Report: Employment Gains Widely Shared


The November jobs report showed that the labor market has strength and momentum. It’s not just […]

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The Most Important Emerging Skills in Tech Job Searches


Indeed research uncovers the fastest growing tech skills that are becoming more vital to the job search. Among the top skills for job seekers are React and cloud computing.

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