With the number of internet-connected devices expected to rise dramatically over the next 10 years, internet of things (IoT)  jobs are growing increasingly popular in France with jobseekers and employers alike.

Here are highlights of our analysis of the French IoT job market, using Indeed job-search data:

  • In France, job seekers’ interest in IoT roles has skyrocketed since 2015, when IoT searches were negligible. The share of IoT-related job postings has increased 15-fold in three years.
  • The Île-de-France region boasts the most postings. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes comes second, reaping the rewards of the “Coboteam” initiative to develop a cluster of businesses specializing in robotics and connected objects.
  • The IoT industry needs a wide range of skills to manage the many aspects of connected devices. Among the skills: knowledge of one of the three main programming languages (Java, Python, C), familiarity with agile development methods, and expertise with machine learning.

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