The Indeed Tech Skills Explorer is a four-part interactive series exploring which tech skills are in demand and for which tech jobs. For these reports, we searched for more than 500 tech skills in US postings for tech jobs on

Part One: Today’s Top Tech Skills

What are the tech skills most in demand today? Looking at the millions of US tech jobs posted on over the past five years offers some answers. Part one contains an interactive tool tracking the trends of 500+ curated skills over time.

Part Two: Fastest-Rising Tech Skills

Tech is constantly changing and so are the tech skills employers are looking for. In this post, we examine the fastest-rising and sharpest declining tech skills.

Part Three: Big Picture Tech Skill Trends

Groups of skills rise or fall based on bigger trends in the digital world. So what are those big picture trends shaking up tech skills today? We highlight three overarching developments that are reshaping the tech universe.

Part Four: Right Skills for the Right Tech Job

The skills tech workers need to have vary a lot depending on the role. In the final installment of our Indeed Tech Skills Explorer, we explore the skills one may need to have to land a top tech job. This post also includes a Job Seeker Toolkit interactive to determine the top 10 skills requested per tech job on