Artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to be an engine of economic growth in coming decades. Will France be able to capitalize on its substantial research in the field to boost its labor market and help its workforce develop new skills?

Here are highlights of our analysis of the French AI landscape and job market, using Indeed data and publicly available research:

  • Jobseeker and employer interest on the rise: In France, job seekers’ interest in AI roles has increased six-fold since 2015, while employer postings have increased five-fold. However, the shares of AI-related searches and postings remain relatively low compared to regular occupations.
  • Fewer jobs have middle-range salaries. Some 19% of AI jobs pay above 70k€ and 49% under 40k€, leaving only 32% of jobs with mid-range pay. By contrast, in other digital sectors such as cybersecurity and Internet of things (IoT), middle-range salaries represent more than half of total postings.
  • Uncertainties lie ahead: The larger effects of AI on the global labor market are still unknown, and in France and Europe, the lack of large digital companies might slow the diffusion of AI.

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