Amid heightened cyberattacks on French companies and a growing concern for data privacy, the cybersecurity industry is on the rise in France. That means there are plenty of opportunities for jobseekers.

Here are highlights of our analysis of the French cybersecurity job market, using Indeed job-search data:

  • In France, job seekers’ interest in cybersecurity roles has doubled since 2015, although it remains much lower than in the US or the UK.
  • The cybersecurity talent pool is made up of people with diverse educational backgrounds. Applicants tend to have college or advanced degrees (bachelors, masters, PhDs, or equivalent such as “diplôme d’ingénieur”), skilled technical training (“Brevet de technicien supérieur”), or hold technical degrees (“Diplôme universitaire technologique” or DUT).
  • Île-et-Vilaine, not Paris, boasts the highest concentration of cybersecurity jobs. The Brittany département has become the hub for French cybersecurity.

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