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Quarterly Industry Vertical Tracker, Q2 2022

The Indeed Hiring Lab tracks employment trends in certain industry verticals, analyzing the latest Indeed and Bureau of Labor Statistics data. We look at overall labor market trends, and then dive deeper into job postings trends in various occupational categories. Finally, on the job seeker side, we examine trends in labor force participation. 

US Business-to-Business Labor Market Update 2022 Q2

Job postings in the Business-to-Business vertical are slowing.

US Healthcare Labor Market Update 2022 Q2

As is typical in healthcare, demand for workers remains strong as job posting trends for nearly every category are above the overall labor market trend.

US Retail and Hospitality Labor Market Update 2022 Q2

Job postings in the retail vertical have slowed, but the quits rate in the leisure & hospitality industry has flattened out.

US Transportation Labor Market Update 2022 Q2

Postings in the transportation vertical have edged down in 2022.