In recent months, many people have been following the dramatic price fluctuations of the digital currency Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology associated with it. Blockchain technology jobs are just beginning to enter the German labor market. To what extent has Blockchain technology already arrived in German companies? How interested are job seekers in this technology? And does the price of Bitcoin affect labor market interest? To answer these questions, we have analyzed job postings and job searches on in 2017.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Interest in Blockchain technology in the German labor market has increased substantially in 2017. From January 2017 to December 2017 the average number of job postings has grown by 625%. During the same period job searches have increased by 661%.
  • The majority of Blockchain jobs are for software developers.
  • Companies are predominantly looking in these six cities for Blockchain experts: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Dresden, Hamburg and Stuttgart.
  • The number of Blockchain job postings and job searches increased rapidly since autumn 2017 – a time Bitcoin recorded huge price gains. However, the fluctuations in Bitcoin values since mid-December 2017 have not reduced the interest of companies and job seekers in Blockchain technology.

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