State of the Labor Market

Commentary, data, analysis and insight into the US and global economy.

State of the Labor Market

Why Clinton, Trump & Janet Yellen Will All Be Watching This Month’s Jobs Report


The presidential candidates will get new labor market talking points from this Friday's jobs report.

Occupation Spotlight, State of the Labor Market

Which Career Paths Lead to the Best Opportunities? A Data-Driven Answer

Only 16% of jobs today are resisting wage stagnation. Find out which jobs offer the best opportunity to beat the wage crisis.

State of the Labor Market

The Relationship Between Job Creation and Interest Rates, Explained


Ahead of this month's jobs report, Indeed chief economist Tara Sinclair explains how job creation and interest rates are related.

Regional, State of the Labor Market

The Top 10 States Most (and Least) Affected by the New Federal Overtime Rules


Indeed Chief Economist Tara Sinclair discusses the new federal overtime rules and what this means for employers.

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