Each year millions of people cross borders in search of new opportunities — and in today’s hyperconnected world it’s never been easier for job seekers to research the possibilities available to them elsewhere.

With a few taps of a finger or clicks of a mouse, any one of Indeed’s 200 million monthly users anywhere in the world can find out which jobs are open in countries as far apart and culturally distinct as the United Kingdom, Japan or Saudi Arabia, and many more others besides.

In the Indeed Hiring Lab’s latest report Global Migration Snapshot we analyze the data on millions of job searches that were carried out over a five month period in 2016 to shine a spotlight on where international job seekers are looking, which countries they are coming from, and what they want to do at their destination.

Inside we cover:

  • How the US stacks up against 48 other countries when it comes to attracting interest from international job seekers.
  • How much of all global job search goes to the US — and where it’s coming from.
  • The country where 18.7% of all job seekers are looking for work in the US.
  • The job in the US where over 8% of all people searching for it come from overseas
  • The country where 62% of all job seekers on Indeed are looking elsewhere for opportunities.
  • And we also provide a close up view on twelve countries with noteworthy results.

Interested? Click here to access our Global Migration Snapshot, and begin your deep dive into Indeed’s global job search data.

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