Yusuke Aoki

Hiring Labにて主に日本の労働市場を担当しているエコノミスト。以前は、NERA Economic Consultingでエコノミスト、EYでデータサイエンティストとして勤務し、政府・司法機関・民間向けに経済・統計・機械学習の分析に従事。英国UCL経済学修士、東京工業大学工学部経営工学学士

Yusuke is an Economist on the Indeed Hiring Lab with a focus on the Japan labor market. Previously, Yusuke was an economist at NERA Economic Consulting and was a data science manager at EY, where he compiled economic and statistical reports for the government, judicial bodies, and private sectors. He holds an MSc in economics from University College London and a BSc in engineering (industrial engineering and economics field) from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

投稿者: Yusuke Aoki