As Australia emerges from lockdown, job seekers are on the lookout for retail and hospitality opportunities.

The Skills Needed to Work in Australia’s Tech Sector Are Changing Rapidly


Australia’s tech sector continues to evolve as employers demand a wider variety of skills. Job seekers are hard-pressed to stay ahead of the curve as new technologies and products transform the nature of tech work in Australia.

April AU Labour Force Survey: A Wage Problem


Participation remains at record levels, but labour market conditions have shifted down a gear in early 2018.

Is a Nursing Shortage Placing Australia’s Healthcare Sector at Risk?


Australia’s healthcare sector is growing rapidly, creating thousands of opportunities for highly skilled job seekers. Can Australia find enough workers to meet the increasing demand for healthcare services?

March AU Labour Force Survey: An Imminent Slowdown?


Participation may be at record levels, but employment growth has taken a dip during the first quarter of 2018.

Earth Day 2018: Green Jobs Are Blossoming in Australia


Despite uncertainty surrounding the country’s energy policy, green jobs continue to grow in Australia, tracking well ahead of other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

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