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It’s 2022 and hospitality is finally on its feet again. The return of international travel and the absence of economic restrictions have allowed the sector to roar back to life. But can it find workers to fill the jobs being created?

Australia’s Workforce is Older Than It’s Ever Been, Creating New Challenges


Key points: Australia is getting older, putting downward pressure on the share of people in the […]

Small Business in Australia: What You Need to Know


Australia's small businesses employ 4.7 million people and make a big contribution to the Australian economy. Indeed economist Callam Pickering steps us through the data on small businesses: identifying the key trends and challenges that shape our small business community.

Sydney May Face Brain Drain as Workers Look Elsewhere


Indeed economist Callam Pickering provides insight on internal migration trends in Australia. New data show that a high proportion of workers in Sydney are actively looking for jobs elsewhere, including those with the skills most needed in a competitive economy.

In Australia, the Time to Look for a Christmas Job is Now


It’s winter in Australia and New Zealand, but many young job seekers need to start polishing their resumes now. Believe it or not, it’s almost time to apply for a Christmas job. Christmas opportunities begin to appear on job sites in August, peaking between September and October. Those who wait until December are likely to miss out.

Are Changes to Australia’s 457 Visa Program Scaring Off Foreign Job Seekers?


In April, the Australian federal government announced sweeping reforms to Temporary Work (Skilled) visas, better known as the […]