Australian job searches for our major supermarket chains have surged following recent announcements that they would be hiring thousands of workers to meet demand. Coles recently announced a second recruitment drive of 5,000 people, while Woolworths needs 20,000 more workers.  

Over the past week, searches for our major supermarkets accounted for 7.4% of all searches on Indeed AU. That’s around four times higher than in both the first week of March and on average last year. 

Supermarkets remain one of the few sectors in Australia where business continues to operate. In fact, supermarkets have struggled to keep up with the frenzied buying activity that swept across the country in recent weeks.

With many Australians concerned over their job security, supermarkets have become a lifeline for workers who are either unemployed or who have experienced a drastic fall in the number of hours they work. With supermarkets unlikely to be shutdown, they will continue to attract keen interest from job seekers nationwide.