As the calendar turns toward spring, many students and recent graduates turn their attention to finding a summer internship. Indeed’s job posting and search data can provide insight into just how in demand internships are with employers and job seekers, and also when each group begins their search.

There appears to be a substantial increase in employer demand for interns. Internship job postings, as a share of all postings on the site, are off to a fast start in 2018. The share of internship postings in February is already above levels from the previous two years, and this year postings will likely reach a peak, which typically occurs in March, substantially higher than that of years past.

Line graph shows that searches for internships are off to a slow start in the beginning of 2018.
Line graph titled “Searches for internships are off to a slow start.” With a vertical axis of 0-10,000, the graph shows searches for internships, per million of all searches, from 2016-2018. In comparison to 2016 and 2017, 2018 is off to a slow start, with searches for internships lower than previous years. Caption added post-publication.

So far in 2018, searches that include the terms ‘intern’ or ‘internship’, as a share of all job searches on Indeed, are off to a slow start and could underwhelm this year. Based on previous years of job search data, we can see that internship searches typically peak in March, as students and new graduates begin searching for a summer position. Internship postings and searches reach a lesser peak in November, which is likely when people are searching for a spring internship. We see no similar peak before the start of the fall semester, meaning most truly take advantage of their summer vacation.