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Some occupations have become a lot more competitive, while others remain hard to fill despite rising unemployment and inactivity.

Uncertain Future: How Brexit Could Change the Face of the UK Labour Market


Immigration from other member countries of the European Union (EU) was one of the most contentious […]

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At a time when controversies over migration feature so prominently in political debates, it is important […]

International Job Search Now – A Look At the Economic Factors Behind Global Job Search


Today, migration to wealthy countries is on the rise. In fact, the Organization for Economic Cooperation […]

The UK Labour Market: End-of-Year Review and Outlook


With only two weeks of 2016 left to go, it’s a good time to take a […]

The Impact of a “Hard Brexit” on EU Labour Mobility


Since the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU) in June, the media spotlight has […]