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Job postings are slower to recover where more people work from home and high-street footfall remains low, making it harder for redundant workers to find jobs.

The UK Labour Market: 2017 Review and Outlook


The UK labour market sent decidedly mixed messages in 2017. As the employment rate stays close to its record high, real wage growth remains disappointingly weak and migration saw a significant drop.

After Brexit, Workers in the UK Look for EU Jobs More Often


Even though the UK still remains the preferred destination for Europeans looking outside their home countries, its position at the top has eroded substantially after Brexit. Over the same period, Ireland has caught the eye of more Europeans.

London’s Tech Workers Are Looking North


Despite London’s prominent position as the nation’s tech centre and a global tech hub, the city faces an unsettling trend—its tech job seekers are much more likely than the average Londoner to look for work in other British regions. The lure appears to be much lower living costs and availability of tech opportunities in other areas of the country.

In UK, Christmas Jobs Are Coming to Town


Christmas is when demand for an array of goods and services reaches its peak. Employers often hire extra staff to cope with the onslaught of customers and, as Indeed data shows, they start to prepare early. So do jobseekers, who on average begin searching for Christmas positions even before employers start posting jobs in earnest.

The Changing Nature of Jobs Young Britons Do


Young UK workers have been deeply affected by changes in the labor market over the past decade, according to new Indeed Hiring Lab research.