Brexit uncertainty overshadows the outlook for next year, but other key developments to watch are low real wage growth and employers’ ability to draw underemployed demographic groups into work.

There’s No Place Like Home: European Jobseekers Turn Their Backs on Brexit Britain


Online job search patterns show a sustained drop in EU jobseeker interest in British jobs, particularly in construction and healthcare.

UK Employment Figures, September 2018: Wages the Silver Lining as Employment Growth Slows


Employment flatlines amid early signs of improvements in pay.

UK Employment Figures, August 2018: How Low Can It Go? Britain’s Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.0%


UK unemployment rate drops and employment stays high, but real wage gains remain elusive.

UK Employment Figures, July 2018: Britain’s Job Creation Boom Continues


UK employment rate reaches a new high of 75.7%, but wage growth slows.

Brexodus Remains a Threat Rather Than a Reality: UK Migration Figures, July 2018


Net EU migration into the UK is slowing, but overall levels are being offset by greater migration from the rest of the world.

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