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Seasonal hiring ramp-up gathering pace with shift toward retail and driving.

UK Employment Figures, February 2018: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


According to the latest data released today from the ONS, employment in the UK remains strong, wage growth continues to lag inflation, and unemployment unexpectedly ticked up for the first time in two years.

UK Employment Figures, January 2018: Strong Employment Gains but Continued Weak Wage Growth


The ONS's first labour market statistics release of 2018: good news for job creation, bad news for real wage growth.

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The UK Labour Market: 2017 Review and Outlook


The UK labour market sent decidedly mixed messages in 2017. As the employment rate stays close to its record high, real wage growth remains disappointingly weak and migration saw a significant drop.

After Brexit, Workers in the UK Look for EU Jobs More Often


Even though the UK still remains the preferred destination for Europeans looking outside their home countries, its position at the top has eroded substantially after Brexit. Over the same period, Ireland has caught the eye of more Europeans.