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The pandemic has increased public appreciation for essential workers, but they remain poorly paid.

UK Employment Figures, July 2018: Britain’s Job Creation Boom Continues


UK employment rate reaches a new high of 75.7%, but wage growth slows.

Brexodus Remains a Threat Rather Than a Reality: UK Migration Figures, July 2018


Net EU migration into the UK is slowing, but overall levels are being offset by greater migration from the rest of the world.

UK Employment Figures, June 2018: The Jobs Market Continues Strong


Britain’s buoyant jobs market has managed to defy economic gravity once again – and is successfully […]

UK Primed for Strong Summer 2018 Hiring


As summer arrives, the UK economy looks primed for strong summer hiring. Analyzing Indeed job posting […]

UK Employment Figures, May 2018: The UK Labour Market Roars On


The UK labour market returned another strong set of numbers today with employment at a record high rate of 75.6% and unemployment staying low at 4.2%. Productivity in the first quarter declined, however, which is a worrying sign for the future.