When it comes to understanding workforce trends and making better strategic decisions, it’s all about the data. According to the World Economic Forum, “better data and planning metrics (…) are critical in helping to anticipate and proactively manage the current transition in labour markets.”

The need for accurate and timely labour market data is pressing, as demographic and technological change continues to transform the world of work. Ageing populations mean many people are living and working longer; migration and urbanisation are impacting location strategies as countries compete for global talent; and workers now desire a greater work-life balance than before. 

That’s why we created Work Shift – a series of reports that help business leaders understand global trends impacting employment. As the world’s largest job site, we used our unrivalled job posting and search data to explore how employers can use data-driven insights to retain and attract the best talent — and to make better decisions throughout their organisations, from global expansion to restructuring.

Read the first report here: A Portrait of the Modern Workforce, which delves into the shifting demographic landscape and explores how you can future-proof your business.