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But stark differences remain across industries.

State of the Labor Market

Why Clinton, Trump & Janet Yellen Will All Be Watching This Month’s Jobs Report


The presidential candidates will get new labor market talking points from this Friday's jobs report.

Occupation Spotlight, State of the Labor Market

Which Career Paths Lead to the Best Opportunities? A Data-Driven Answer

Only 16% of jobs today are resisting wage stagnation. Find out which jobs offer the best opportunity to beat the wage crisis.


The Impact of the Rio Olympics on Job Search, in 4 Charts

Controversy has dogged the Rio Olympics but what effect did this have on job search in Brazil? Indeed data reveals the answers.


Red States Lag Blue in Opportunity Work, Muting Impact of Job Gains Nationally


The US economy added a surprising 287,000 jobs, we saw roles being added in higher wage growth areas and salaries, namely, healthcare and financial services.


Do Millennial Men and Women Want the Same Things in a Job?

Do millennial men and women want the same things in a job? New Indeed survey data provides answers and insight into gender differences.