How the economy looks depends on where you’re standing. Find out why — and to whom — these local differences matter most.

Indeed Black Friday

Occupation Spotlight, Regional

Black Friday Watch: Where Are Seasonal Retail Workers in Shortest Supply?

Indeed Black Friday

How long will the lines be this Black Friday? Indeed looks at the data on seasonal retail shortages to identify the cities struggling to fill open roles.

International, Regional

Job Search Out of the U.S. Surged After the Election and Remains Elevated


During the bitter and divisive presidential campaign, many wondered, threatened, or promised to move to Canada […]


The Great Divide? How the Minimum Wage Impacts Red and Blue States

Indeed takes a look at the impact of current minimum wage rates and the proposed $15 rate upon red and blue states.

Regional, State of the Labor Market

Mobility at Record Lows While Job-Related Moves Hold Steady: What This Means for Economic Dynamism


What does the latest US census data tell us about mobility and economic dynamism? Indeed chief economist Jed Kolko explains.

Demographics, Regional

The Geography of Economic Anxiety


Analysis from Indeed chief economist Jed Kolko shows states with lower unemployment are at greater risk for future job loss.

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