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How the economy looks depends on where you’re standing. Find out why — and to whom — these local differences matter most.

The United States of Green Jobs: Where to Find Work Protecting the Environment


April 22nd is Earth Day and this year millions of people worldwide will take part in activities […]

“Everywhere Jobs” and the Red-Blue Divide: Does What You Do Decide Where You Live?


Your job might determine where you live, and where you live might decide what work you […]

United States of Fitness? Here are the States with The Most Trainer and Dietitian Jobs

Each year at Thanksgiving the great American tradition of holiday overeating begins—only to be followed by […]

What do Oil Price Increases Mean for Jobs in Oil-producing States?


At the end of November, Opec announced a deal between oil producing nations to help curb […]

The interior of a multi-level shopping mall

Black Friday Watch: Where Are Seasonal Retail Workers in Shortest Supply?

The interior of a multi-level shopping mall

How long will the lines be this Black Friday? Indeed looks at the data on seasonal retail shortages to identify the cities struggling to fill open roles.