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How the economy looks depends on where you’re standing. Find out why — and to whom — these local differences matter most.

Which Cities Have the Most Similar Mix of Jobs?

Looking for a new place that reminds you of home? Check out our story in today’s New […]

City skyline

Where Tech Salaries Go Furthest, 2017

City skyline

Indeed Chief Economist Jed Kolko provides insight into where your tech salaries will go the furthest in the U.S. cities.

Cities Where Salaries Go Furthest in the U.S.: 2017


In what U.S. cities can your paycheck go the furthest? When you factor in local living costs, adjusted salaries are highest in Birmingham, AL, Jackson, MS, and Fresno, CA. But beware: places where your salaries go furthest today are more at risk of losing jobs in the future.

As Tech Hubs Tighten Their Grip, Where Is the Next Silicon Valley?


Indeed Chief Economist sheds light on the next Silicon Valley and discusses characteristics of tech jobs in eight hubs around the U.S.

When Summer is No Vacation: What You Need to Know about Summer Jobs


It’s that time of year. School is out, and many high school and college students are […]