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Jed Kolko

Jed Kolko

Jed Kolko is Chief Economist at the Indeed Hiring Lab. Previously he was Chief Economist and VP of Analytics at Trulia, the online real estate marketplace. He has also led research teams at the Public Policy Institute of California and at Forrester Research. Jed specializes in using large-scale proprietary and publicly available datasets to uncover insights about labor markets, the future of work, demographics, housing markets, and urban trends. He earned his B.A. in social studies and his Ph.D. in economics at Harvard University.


New BLS Data Show Bounceback for Job and Wage Growth in Large Metros; Rural Areas Lag


The strong national economic recovery in recent years hides big differences across local labor markets. Today […]

Demographics, Regional

“Everywhere Jobs” and the Red-Blue Divide: Does What You Do Decide Where You Live?


Your job might determine where you live, and where you live might decide what work you […]


How the Jobs That Immigrants Do Are Changing


Immigration was one of the most contentious issues in the 2016 presidential campaign. President-elect Trump pledged […]

State of the Labor Market

The U.S. Labor Market: End-of-Year Review and Outlook


As 2016 draws to a close, Indeed chief economist Jed Kolko takes a look at the performance of the US labor this year and looks to the future.

International, Regional

Job Search Out of the U.S. Surged After the Election and Remains Elevated


During the bitter and divisive presidential campaign, many wondered, threatened, or promised to move to Canada […]