When Is the Best Time to Apply for a Graduate Job?


Graduate job opportunities rose slightly in 2018, consolidating the massive gains in 2017

Improving Labour Market Is a Full-Time Job for Australia


The Australian labour market continued its gradual improvement throughout 2018, underpinned by strong growth in full-time jobs and greater opportunity for younger workers. But falling property prices and an uncertain trade outlook threaten to slow growth in 2019.

November AU Labour Force Survey: Australia’s Underemployment Problem


A somewhat mixed labour force report to end the year, with participation reaching a new record high but no improvement in underemployment or the underutilisation rate.

Australian Low Wage Growth: Was It Inevitable?


Even though the labour market is now getting better, wages aren’t rising as much as in past periods of improvement.

October AU Labour Force Survey: Full-time Employment Leads the Charge


Another strong month for the Australian labour market, particularly among full-time opportunities. Wage growth also took a step in the right direction

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