Australian job postings continue to decline as widespread shutdowns weigh on the economy.

Christmas Won’t Come Early for Aussie Job Seekers


Normally a time for joy, Christmas may provide little but despair for thousands of Aussie job seekers. Despite strong interest, job opportunities are well down in the past two years.

The Search for Australia’s Next Master Chef


Australia’s love affair with high-quality food has fueled huge demand for skilled chefs able to deliver the kinds of meals so often seen on Australian television.

Has Australian Construction Run out of Luck?


With Australia’s residential construction boom in the rear-view mirror, construction job opportunities are suddenly limited.

Australia’s Mismatched Labour Market – Is Anybody Satisfied?


Mismatch across the Australian labour market is substantial, but has not significantly changed over the past five years despite a shifting mix of job opportunities.

In Australia, Data Scientists Are a Hot Commodity


Job postings for data scientists have surged in recent years. Search activity has also jumped, though to a lesser degree. Will Australian businesses struggle to fill data jobs?

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