Even though the labour market is now getting better, wages aren’t rising as much as in past periods of improvement.

July AU Labour Force Survey: A Step in the Right Direction


The Australian unemployment rate dropped to an almost six-year low in July, while wage growth posted its strongest quarterly gain since March 2014.

Reality Check for the Australian Labour Market: Key Trends at Midyear


Employment growth in Australia has eased in 2018, reflecting modest gains in full-time jobs. Wage growth continues to disappoint. However, tax cuts and a boost to the minimum wage could provide some much-needed relief to Australian households.

June AU Labour Force Survey: A Big Improvement


The Australian labour market finished the financial year on a high, with a strong set of labour force data in June.

The Top Jobs in Australia That People Won’t Leave


Nurses, engineers and tech workers are among those least likely to seek career changes.

May AU Labour Force Survey: Mixed Signals


Another mixed labour market report for Australia, as employment growth remains well below average growth last year.

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