While employment in journalism has been relatively steady, a scarcity of new jobs is making it difficult for journalists across the country, particularly those seeking new opportunities.

October AU Labour Force Survey: Full-time Employment Leads the Charge


Another strong month for the Australian labour market, particularly among full-time opportunities. Wage growth also took a step in the right direction

September AU Labour Force Survey: Another Step Forward


Recent positive trends continued in September, with the unemployment rate easing further and the improvement driven by full-time opportunities.

August AU Labour Force Survey: A Big Improvement


In August, the Australian unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in almost six-years but it was the improvement in the broader measures of unemployment that stole the show.

Christmas in September: Hiring Has Already Begun


While it is still too early to declare a bumper Christmas recruitment season, early signs are very impressive. Job postings are tracking well and competition for positions is heating up.

Australia Leads the Way on Family-Friendly, Flexible Jobs


The share of Australian job postings using family-friendly or flexible language is high by global standards, sitting well above the United States and a raft of European countries.  

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