Explore the impact of demographics — and demographic change — on the labor market.

Demographics, Occupation Spotlight

Interest in Warehousing Jobs Growing Quickly

The growth in ecommerce has been a boon for warehousing jobs. Over the past year, employment in these facilities has grown at double the pace of average US job growth and doesn’t show any signs of letting up.

Demographics, State of the Labor Market

How Trump and Clinton Supporters are Doing in Today’s Labor Market


Broader unemployment rate and median wages have improved more since January for Clinton supporters.


Timing Matters In the Job Search

By Andrew Flowers and Daniel Culbertson Timing matters in business, in sports, in politics—and no less […]


The Fastest-Growing Traditionally Male Jobs


Much of the labor market is segregated by gender. More than one-third of men (36%) work […]

Demographics, Regional

“Everywhere Jobs” and the Red-Blue Divide: Does What You Do Decide Where You Live?


Your job might determine where you live, and where you live might decide what work you […]

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